“I’m going to leave my hand and teeth marks in places no one but us will ever see so you’ll know you’re private property. I’m going to edge you until you weep. I am going to leave you throbbing and sore. Do you understand?”

She nodded so fast I thought her head was going to fall off.

“And that’s exactly how you want Daddy to use you… isn’t it, Babydoll?” I asked her, taking the panties out of her mouth long enough for her to open her mouth and work the muscles until she could speak again.

“Yes Daddy, oh yes Daddy. Please use your filthy little girl, Daddy, please-.”

I put the panties back into her mouth and slapped her ass before she could finish her answer. I’d heard what I needed. As excited as I already was before, hearing her beg with that pretty little voice was almost mind-breaking. I guided her up to a seated position and placed my left hand around my little princess’ throat, smiling as I watched her tilt her head back and accept my grip as I applied more and more pressure to her slender little neck.

“Daddy’s gonna huuurt you…” I said in a sing-song manner, licking my lips. “Daddy’s gonna huuurt you… Mmm, and that’s exactly what my baby girl needs right now.” I licked her cheek and growled into her ear as I kept a tight grip on her. “My little girl needs her Daddy to remind her who owns her… don’t you, Babydoll?”

I slapped her right breast through her cress before she could answer. The question was rhetorical anyway and her squeal said more than any words I could allow her to speak ever would. I slapped the left, the right again, the left again… over and over, listening to her struggle to shriek through the wadded and saliva-soaked fabric of her panties. After each tit got its 8th slap I paused, rubbing her cheek and kissing her forehead.

“You sound so pretty when I hurt you, little one…” I whispered, kissing her forehead again. “Oh, you make such sweet music for me. You wanna make more music for Daddy? You gonna be my little music box?”

I received a muffled ‘yes daddy’ through the cloth and an enthusiastic nod. So I grabbed her hair and yanked her off the couch, knees on the floor, and bent her over the coffee table.

“Sing for me, Babydoll.”

My little girl knows the sound of my belt coming off very well by now. When she heard it in that situation, well to put it mildly… my sweet little doll put on quite the performance. At first she was thrashing and slinging her little rump side to side so much I thought she might actually manage to wiggle right on away. But that wasn’t a problem – it was never her plan to even try getting loose anyway. My precious princess, instead, propped herself up into a presentation position: balanced up on her tippy-toes, ass propped high in the air, head down against the cool wood of the table. She’d told me she wanted the worst of me, but I’d never expected her to be this excited about getting it… this eager to get to it. There was a moment, reader, where I simply looked down at the feast my precious one presented me with and was simply marveling at her. I wondered for a moment if I’d ever figure her out and what I’d ever done to deserve her.

Then I started lighting her ass up with my belt. As loud as she was with the gag in, I’m sure she could’ve woken several square blocks without it. She flinched, she squealed, she squirmed, and she wriggled about like a worm on a hook… but she never spent long out of position. I didn’t even have to tell her to get back into place – all I had to do was hold the belt still. If I stopped for more than 5 seconds she practically threw her perfect little ass back into the air as her silent way calling out ‘Thank You, Sir, may I have another?’

When I hiked her dress up out the way and began laying lashes right to her bare bottom, she wasn’t quite as quick with her repositioning. But to her credit, she got that booty back up in the air despite that.

It was at strike 28 overall, strikes 10 without her dress in the way, that I began to notice just how wet Babydoll was getting. I wrapped the belt around my right hand and rubbed the middle and ring fingers of my left against her briefly, pulling them away and marveling and the sopping sticky mess she’d become down there. She was practically dripping onto the floor already.

“Look at this…” I said, taking the soft silk out of her mouth for the time being. “I haven’t even touched your little princess place once… and the first time I do, my hand is drenched.” I placed the fingers near her mouth for clean-up, which she did eagerly. “All of that and all I’ve done is spank you? You must really like it when Daddy hurts you, huh?”

“Mmmph… yes Daddy, yesssssss…” she groaned out, the last part hissed through clenched teeth as I grabbed her hair again. “It hurts so good, it hurts so good…”

I guided my little princess up to her feet, then into her tip-toes, grinning as I gripped her neck again. “You’re a dirty little thing, aren’t you?”

“Yesssssss, Daddy…”

“Your little cunt throbs when I hurt you, doesn’t it?” I slapped her right breast before she could answer.

“Fuuuuuuuuuck… yes, Daddy.”

“And being at my mercy is your favorite place to be, isn’t it little girl?” Another slap.

“Yes, yes, yesssssss Daddy…”

I took the same two fingers I’d caressed her hunt with and began fucking her face with them. “Hopeless little fuckdoll…” I growled, pulling them out only to wipe my hands off on her cheek. “Drooling from both holes like the greedy, desperate toy you are. You look so pretty when you’re ruined.”

“Guh… phaaah… then ruin me, Daddy…” she rasped out, legs trembling from being on her toes so long. “Hurt me as much as it please… phaaah… break me into pieces… do with me whatever you want. As long as you enjoy me, I will endure anything else.”

“Silly girl… what use is a broken toy?” I said this as I turned her around, feeling her tense as she began to brace for more spankings. “If I did break you, I’d merely put you back together.” I slid my hand between her thighs, pulling her hair back as I roughly rubbed her clit. “I’m gonna make you y little ballerina Babydoll… I’m gonna make your dance right on that line… right at your breaking point. Just so you know I can bring you there.”

I knew as I was saying those words I meant them. I also knew that saying those words and meaning them meant that I was hopelessly falling in love with her. This strange, short, beautiful woman with her natural black hair and the melanin-saturated skin and the sweetest of sweet voices and a body and mind built for sin was taking my soul and heart. And I wasn’t even sure she knew it. Moreso than showing her my dark side in its fullest form, this terrified me in a way I cannot explain. And then, she said a single phrase that launched me into a full-on free fall.

“And if I start to go over the edge…” she whimpered in a breathy voice, her little voice, the voice she always used when calling me ‘Daddy’ with degrees of both need to be owned and a sense of ownership, “Daddy will be there to catch me?”

I wrapped my arm around her, squeezing her softer, smaller form against me. I felt like I’d just given blood – lightheaded and dizzy, on the verge of swooning. I closed my eyes and kissed her until the woozy feeling made me feel like the world around us was spinning, like we were the center of our own little galaxy. Nothing outside of us in this moment mattered.

“Always, my little princess. Always.”

She let out an adorable little squeak and shivered against me, and I had to hold her tighter as I felt her knees give up on her at last.

“You’ll make your Babydoll fall in love, Daddy…”

I held her like that a few moments longer, swaying with her back against my chest, cherishing this intimate moment we were having. Then I began lubing up my fingers and slid the middle one into her tight little asshole with barely any warning as she groaned and whimpered at the intrusion.

“Daddy claims ownership of all your holes, Babydoll…” I growled into her ear. “You will give each of them to me at my whim, without hesitation. I will take them without hesitation, any time and place it suits me. Are we clear?”

“Yes, yes Daddy…! Nnnghaaaah… all yours, always yours…”

“I will turn you into my private butt slut, who constantly prepares her ass and begs for Daddy’s cock in this hole like she does with all her other holes.”

“Ooooooooh… fuck…” I could hear moist squishing as her thighs rubbed together, the though alone making her leak like a faucet.

I reached onto the coffee table and picked up the small princess plug I’d gotten for her, replacing my finger wit it after a bit of gentle coaxing and effort. She seemed rather surprised… but she didn’t shy away and nodded when I asked if she was okay. From there, I laid her out on the table, still bound and blindfolded, and took the Hitachi to her pussy. She wasn’t used to the sensation of having an orgasm with something stuffed in her ass. I loved introducing my little girl to new things, of course… and I love spending an evening giving my little fuckdoll more orgasms she thought she could bare. I edged her 3 times with the Hitachi, her screams and whimpers of pleasure as she begged to cum like music in my ears… then as she approached orgasm for the 4th time I began talking to her.

“I think my little fuckdoll would like an orgasm now, yes?”

She nodded furiously.

“Hmm. Well, I’m almost inclined to give you one. But first answer all my questions to the best of your ability. Can you do that for Daddy, little girl?”

She nodded again, biting her bottom lip. There were tears soaking through the blindfold now. She looked so desperate that part of me did just want to start fucking her but… I held off for the time being. There’d be time for that.

“Tell me little girl… Are you about to cum?”

“Yes, Daddy… if you let me.”

“So you’re about to cum with a plug shoved up your ass?” I took the head of the Hitachi wand off her pussy and licked her juices from it. Just as I thought, all the suffering and denial made them taste so much sweeter. “Only dirty girls cum like that, y’know. Guess that makes you a dirty girl huh?”

“Yessss, Daddy… I’m a dirty girl, I’m your dirty girl…” She thrashed a bit, testing the tape. It still wouldn’t budge. She had that sugary tone of desperation in her voice, the one that crept into a person’s voice when they were willing to do or say anything. There was an unspoken ‘motherfucker, let me cum and I’ll say you’re Mary Queen of Scotts if that’s what you wanna hear, just let me cum please!’ in how she said things.

“Good. Repeat it until I say otherwise.” I turned the wand back on and stared at it for a while. “If you stop saying what a dirty girl you are, it better be to ask permission to cum. Otherwise I’ll edge you the rest of the night for the fun of it.”

With that I placed the toy back to her clit and listened to her squealing and whimpering as she called herself a ‘dirty little girl’ over and over. After a while I made her sing it just for laughs. When she started begging, as expected, I decided she’d been so well behaved she deserved a few additional orgasms… so I kept her going past the point of no return until, based on my count of her ‘please may I cum Daddy?!’ frantic pleadings she was on her fourth orgasm of the night.

The night proceeded in much the same way. I took the belt to her again when she lost track of her orgasms: each time she was off was a lash for each number she was over or under. I also put her back on her knees, fucked her face, and came on her panties before stuffing them back in her mouth and taking the Hitachi back to her until she erupted like a broken fire hydrant all over my table, my hand, the floor… it was quite the evening.

By the time all was said and done, I cut her loose and laid her on my lap rubbing salve on her whipping marks and kissing her forehead gently while we watched one of her favorite shows and talked about her experience. She seemed to be okay, but I wanted to make sure. I’d never been quite that rough with Babydoll before.

“So, now you’ve see what I’m capable of…” I said with a nervous smile, rubbing her hair again. “To be honest… I rather enjoyed it. How’d you feel though?”

“Used, pained, like a tool for your pleasure…” she said, kicking her feet idly to get the circulation back. “In other words… perfect.” She looked up at me again and smiled. “I know it took a lot out of you to be that hard on me. And I know you were scared to really let me have it. But… you did. And it made me happy you believed I could endure it all. And honestly… it felt so good to embrace my inner pain slut I didn’t think I’d ever stop cumming.” She giggled and then paused, looking down at her fingers. “Did I do good, Daddy?”

“Heh… I know you’re a tough girl,” I replied, shrugging my shoulders as I turned her over and began applying ointment to her slapped breasts while she cooed up softly at me. “You did incredibly well, and I’m very proud. I promise, from now on I’ll stop underestimating you.”

“And you’ll give me the bad parts of you too, like you promised?” she asked, looking up at me hopefully.

“Daddy never breaks a promise to his Babydoll.”

“Good. Cuz…” she paused, then sat up abruptly and bit at my shoulder. “All of Daddy is mine.

“Always, little girl…” I said with a chuckle, poking her nose. “Always and forevers. Since you seem to be feeling better now, I could always get you started on your homework…”

She flopped back down and made a show of playing sick, and I laughed and put on the next episode with my Netflix. “Alright, alright… you earned the night off,” I said. “No homework. So stop playing around.”

She made the most miraculous recovery after that.


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