Heavy Weighs the Crown

(Pictures found ramdomly on the internet an not mine. Put together using layout app for Android.)

It’s true what they say: heavy sits the crown. But everybody seems to want it both ways: everybody wants to be a king but they want a crown made of tinfoil to be as respected as a true crown. True crowns are earned, through blood and sweat at tears (sometimes the blood, sweat and tears of others, but you still gotta go get ‘em from the aforementioned others). And that struggle adds to the crown a certain weight, a weight you can only bare if you put the work in beforehand to deserve the title and the headwear that comes with it.


To put it another way, seems to me like everybody wanna be a king till it’s time to do some king shit. And that ain’t how the game is played.


It’s so odd when I see men, especially some black men (mostly Hoteps), complaining about how black women aren’t submissive. This fucks with my mind for two reasons: one, I speak to female submissives who are black fairly regularly, and I’ve had more than one myself who was black and submissive, so I know they’re full of shit… and two, and this is important… because I feel that, to quote a famous movie “you keep using that word… I don’t think you know what it means.”


As a Dominant of moderate experience as far as years go, I don’t deign to say I speak for “the congregation” as it were. But in my experience, having a submissive is like having a full-time job… specifically, the type of job where you are 24/7 on-call. You keep your phone within reach and on at all times, and you can never ignore that call or text that might be coming to summon you into action. You’re always potentially on the clock, regardless of what else may be going on with your life, and you need to be sharp and on point every time a call to do your job comes in.


The nature of a submissive is to need their Dominant, and to need them quite a bit. It goes further than permission to do things like masturbate and cum – y’know, the fun stuff. When you become a Dominant to a submissive, they give you a part of themselves: their strength, their resolve, their will. A Dominant has the job of providing security and stability in a world that is dangerous and never sits still. You become a bedtime story dispenser, a teddy bear, and a nightlight if they need to sleep well at night; you become a gun, a knife, a bat, or a brick if they need defending; and if they need to be protected you become a wall, a shield, or the highest tower in the fucking land. And you know why you become all this?


Because they gave all those abilities to you when they became your submissive. In exchange, you get them as your compassion, your softness, your humility. They enable your strength by being your weakness.


Plus they let you do all the fun stuff like in the second picture (or less, or more, depending on their leanings). And that’s just… wonderful.


Every guy I know (who is interested in women, anyway), from the most vanilla on up to those even kinkier than I, wants that bottom picture to some extent. Who wouldn’t want to be adored, worshiped, and respected by a beautiful woman who hangs in your every word? And from experience I can safely say… the juice is very much worth the squeeze.


But it’s that top picture that many struggle with – the requirement to receive such praise. You must lead if you wish to be followed. You must protect if you want her to be soft. You must enable submission – it cannot be stolen, demanded, or otherwise coerced away. It can only be given freely and willingly, or it means nothing. And creating the atmosphere where she feels comfortable giving that submission? That’s on you, if you want a submissive.


Heavy indeed sits the crown… but if you wanna be treated like a king, you gotta wear it. So strengthen up those neck muscles.


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