Filming my Fuckdoll – an erotic short story

I’ll be completely honest: I’m not much of a fan of DIY porn, at least when it comes to video. I can see the appeal of creating it: I’ve had more than one partner and more than one sexual experience that was so hot I’d love to commemorate it, or relive it at a later date… or even just watch to prove to myself that some of the wilder ones actually happened and weren’t just fantasies. But on the other hand… I hate watching the vast majority of homemade fuck flicks; mostly because they tend to be identical in length and angles and shots. Call it artistic snobbery if you want – hell, I won’t even deny it. But between the shaking of the camera, jumpy editing if any, and the often asinine background noises… and honestly, I usually only watch amateur sex vids I’m not in under one of the following conditions;

1, it’s done by sex workers – but then again, I don’t consider that homemade, even if it is made in the actor or actress’ home. A lot of work and effort goes into those, plus they’re done for profit, so it’s not exactly ‘amature’ at that point just because a major studio didn’t get involved.

2, if something hilarious happens like someone accepts a phone call during the sex, a closet door falling over on someone, or someone getting a cramp while attempting an unnecessarily complex sex move. 

With Babydoll, however, things were a bit different I must admit. Not only is she a very beautiful little fuckdoll, but she’s incredibly photogenic as well. She’s done some incredibly hot modeling and photo sets, with all sorts of outfits and costumes… to the point where I felt like I was wasting a prime gift by not having us do a private shoot of our own at the least if not record a full on video. Add to that the fact I tend to encourage her vanity for my own purposes and… yeah… it was bound to happen sooner or later.

Once I mentioned the idea to Babydoll, and she seemed not only okay with it but excited, I decided to go ahead and move on to phase 2: finding ways to get around the things I hated about some other homemade adult videos. The first was the problem of camera, which was easy enough to fix with a bit of online shopping and the purchase of some video editing software. All in all I procured 4 cameras: A small but high-quality 20 megapixel camera, which was attached to the ceiling for some wonderful overhead shots I had in mind; a 40 megapixel web-cam set up on the desk, for recording those shots of someone who might be right in the room watching us; and last but certainly not least, two pairs of glasses with small HD cameras built into the bridge of the nose for POV shots from my perspective and Babydoll’s without either of us needing to use a hand to do so. After all, in her case those hands would most likely be bound up more than they would be free… and in mine, I’d be using my hands for important things than holding a camera… like choking her, spanking her, slapping her ass or pulling her hair.

I showed Babydoll the full scope of the setup I had planned, and she was more than a bit blown away by it all.

“Wow… you really went all out on this one huh Daddy?” she asked, glancing at the cameras and the video editing software, all arranged neatly on my bedroom desk.

“Of course, silly,” I teased, giving her cheek a bit of a pinch. “I’m going to be capturing the prettiest fucktoy in the history of all fucktoys on camera being used by yours truly. It’d be a waste of time and energy not to do it properly.”

“I gotta admit… I wasn’t expecting all of this,” she said, standing up straight and rubbing her face lightly from the pinch. “I mean at most I was expecting you to hold up your phone while doing one or two things to me and recording that. I mean… Not that I underestimate Daddy, I know better.”

“As well you should,” I interjected.

“Still… one of the biggest things with you, from what I’ve seen, is that you like for things to be a bit more ‘organic’ and spur-of-the-moment.” She paused, looking from the cameras to me for a moment. “I never really see you going at something with this much planning.”

I stood up at this moment and she froze like a Popsicle, stiff and straight with the fear she’d said the wrong thing somewhere along the line. But instead I poked her nose and smiled at her.

“A magician never shows off all their tricks, little one,” I told her, kissing her forehead. “Just because you don’t often see me planning doesn’t mean I’m not up to something. Rest assured; I am always up to something where you’re concerned.”

“Daddy…” she said, breathing a little shallow, “When you say things like that I gets the tingles in my princess places…”

“I know sweetie,” I responded with an encouraging slap on her perfect ass. “I’ll be attending to that very soon. Go in your room and watch some cartoons, okay? Daddy has work to do.”

She visibly shuddered at that last sentence, but then nodded and obediently headed out to do as she was told. I’d let her know as much as I had because I knew it would excite her, make her curious, make her lower lips drool with anticipation… and the wetter she got, the more fun the next steps were going to be.

That thought alone sustained me through the monotony of setting up the cameras, of installing the software, of measuring visual angles and formatting SD cards. And lord, did I need it… all in all, it took me about 2 hour to get everything properly synced up, placed correctly, and properly lit. 
By the time I went to bed, Babydoll was dying to see the whole setup but I had to remind her it was getting late. After a bit of pouting (which resulted in a before-bed spanking), she agreed we needed to wait for better lighting for our independent film. She also proposed she would need special clothes for the occasion, but I already had that particular element covered… 
I mentioned before that I’d purchased some new toys, but I never quite got around to all of them. One new item I’d purchased for just these special occasions was a sleek black pair of panties, with a built in back opening, leaving her pretty little ass just exposed enough to not only make for visible spanking but to make it possible to slip in a very, very special toy – the bunny tail plug I’d gotten for her ages ago. It was one of those things that I’d purchased on a bit of a sporadic sex toy grabbing spree before I’d even looked at its exact specs, and as a result the business end was a bit large for my poor girl (her exact response upon seeing it was an emphatic “who the FUCK you plan to use that on?!”). As such, it had sat around in my  nifty bag of tricks unused since I purchased it… but now, I had an ace up my sleeve.
If you’ve read my stories before, you know my girl Babydoll is more than a bit egotistic. She has pride in herself in spades, and loves the following: making Daddy proud, looking great in photos I take of her, and seeing the limits of my ability to push her limits. One of these things alone wouldn’t be enough to prompt her to take a toy that large in her sweet little ass… but the three together definitely would. And sure enough, it was shockingly simple to convince my little princess to take the largest toy yet up her tight little backdoor. From there, it was all simple: a black lacy bra to go with the panties and the poof on her bunny tail; a black lacy pair of bunny ears with a matching black lace mask, to complete the theme and keep her adorable face obscured for the time being; and last but not least, a pair of cuffs that fit snugly behind her back and attached to a simple black collar, for both restraining her mischievous little hands and keeping her posture perfect. From there, I turned the overhead camera and the desk camera first, and last but not least I turned the eyeglass camera on.
I indulged in a few cliches, like having Babydoll introduce herself in a short shoot interview while we talked about the scene… but from there, the rest was business. I grabbed her soft natural hair and held it tightly, then pulled her forward so the tail plug could be seen, along with her adorable ripe brown ass. I then had her say what was going on with the panties, and toyed with her a bit to demonstrate… and from there, I decided to let our actions speak for themselves. I stopped her mid-sentence with a hand around her neck  and a light slap to the face. I then reached just out of range of the camera and pulled out the dildo ball-gag I’d used on babydoll once before, and shoved it down her throat. 
“That’s enough talking, little fuckdoll,” I said gently, smiling. “We’re gonna put that mouth to better use… so get that throat relaxed for my dick, understand?”
She nodded, the beginning of a tear forming in her eyes, and I rubbed her cheek gently. She looked so pretty when I hurt her… and now, it was time to put on a show.
I put the vibe in her panties to work from across the room, watching her buck and squirm when it cut off before she could cum, humping air in a vain hope for relief. First one edge, then two, then a third… and after time 3, I stood over her, stroking my dick for her to have something to stare at and pine after. She instinctively bolted up and pressed her head against it, trying to get it in her mouth… because as I explained to our unseen audience at home, Babydoll is almost always allowed to cum if she does so with Daddy’s dick in her mouth. She put on an acceptably pathetic display, before I pushed her head away and turned her towards the mirror. At that point, I put the camera glasses on her as well, and let her be the one to record her own ass-beating and edging combo. She begged to cum as I spanked her, to which I merely laughed and said no while I grabbed a handful of her hair to make her stare in the mirror. By edge #5 she was beginning to cry, little tears rolling down her cheeks as my paddle warmed her posh posterior. It was lovely watching her makeup run, and a good warm-up… but I wanted more, and was sure she did as well. I got her up to 6, then 7, and finally 8… and at that point, pulled her up by her hair and took the ball gag out of her throat.
“You were about to cum while Daddy was beating your ass, weren’t you my little slut?” I asked, to which she could only nod while drooling all over herself. “Good girl, good girl. You like how I hurt you?” Another nod. “Good girl. Good girl… Now… I’ll bet you’re ready to do anything it takes to cum, aren’t you?”
Her pretty brown eyes got comically huge, and I swear she nodded so hard I was half scared she’d hurt herself before I got a chance to. I couldn’t help but laugh a bit, even as I shoved as much dick as possible down her throat.
“Now be a good girl and cum with my dick down your throat,” I ordered, turning the vibrations up as high as possible. I made sure she was in the perfect angle for my camera glasses and the overhead cam to get a perfect view of her lovely tourmaline irises as they rolled back in her head and she finally came in spectacular fashion, while gagging for air on my fucking dick.
God, she’s amazing…
From there, I kept things fairly simple, and forced her to keep cumming as I kept fucking her face. This was followed with a brief reprieve from cumming herself stupid to get spanked again… followed by a brief soliloquy from Babydoll into the camera. I hadn’t planned on it at first… but she’d demanded it when we wet up the cameras.
“Ghhhk… D-d-Daddy…” she groan-whispered still catching her breath as saliva trails drained from her face, “please… don’t cum in my mouth yet. Not yet… pretty please?”
“And why is that, Babydoll?” I asked, gripping her throat. “Give me one reason not to.”
“Nnngh… because, Daddy,” she hissed, coughing and wheezing as her hips bucked a bit instinctively. “You put my tail in… the only toy we have that stretches my other hole… as wide as your big, fat, fucking dick…”
I paused a bit, my grip on her slipping as I realized where she was going. And before I could say more, she continued;
“And besides, Daddy… we have an audience now… and I’m sure they’d love to see you use more than one of my holes…”
She paused, then turned to the webcam, licking her lips thirstly and grinning wildly. Something inside her was flipped on, and she was more ravenous than I’d seen her in a long time as she waddled over to the desktop camera and showed her sloppy, mascara-smeared, destroyed little beautiful face to the imaginary audience.
“How’s about it, you filthy fuckers… you wanna watch Daddy Dearest fuck his pretty little slut in the ass till she sobs and begs for mercy? Do you?” She chuckled, then licked her lips. “Then beg us… and maybe we’ll show you part 2. For a price. Maybe money, maybe your dignity… all up to us. and be wrned… we’re sadistic fucks.”
Part of me watched her enterprising, brilliant little send-off/pause for our film, without my imput, and was ligitimately concerned and surprised how much she’d already thought about this… and worried I may have created a monster I couldn’t manage.
The other part of me grabbed her hair, yanked her back, and told her how much I loved her… then laughed at the overhead camera with my middle finger raised while she nuzzled my leg.
And what happened next? Well, dear reader… that’s a longer story than I have time for.


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